Find our how to trick SimCity BuildIt

EA Mobile has announced the newest content update for SimCity BuildIt, its free-to- play with social city-builder on mobile devices. This catastrophe-themed upgrade brings three new disasters to the game, along with a fresh specialty, new upgrades for roads and added societal attributes for getting bonus compensations.

To begin, players can make Vu Points by unleashing three new catastrophes on their unsuspecting civilians: lightning storms, tornadoes and giant robots. Upgrade existing catastrophes and these Vu Points are accustomed to update the Vu Tower, unlock new catastrophes to get more rewards.


As towns grow, traffic is an ongoing headache, so users are now able to reduce congestion by updating to three new fashions of roads, including ave boulevards with walkways and street cars, with palm trees.

Players can unlock a brand new religious specialization for their metropolis. The “Worship” specialization offers four new building types: Churches, Mosques, Temples and Modern Temples. All four need the same quantity of property space, and can be set in any area, as the game guarantees players “all residents are welcome at each House of Worship.”
Eventually, when players visit their friends’ or strangers’ towns, they locate a gift waiting in each city, containing items including crafting Simoleons or materials.

The game surpassed 15 million downloads in its first three weeks of availability, and was released in December 2014.

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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Guide! Updated 3/11/03

Samsung finally confirmed that the Galaxy S IV would be rolled out at a March 14 press event in New York at 7 pm Eastern.  So we finally have a  launch date for what very well could be the most anticipated smartphone of the year.  The Samsung Galaxy s3 has sold over 40 million units and the entire line of Galaxy phone has passed the 100 million unit mark collectively.  The rumors flying around about the Galaxy s4 show that Samsung is ready to continue their dominance in the Android market.  I have taken the rumors that have been scattered to the far reaches of the internet and compiled them into a one stop guide to make it easy to keep up with all the news on this new super phone.  Just remember the info below is purely rumor and speculation, but it sure is fun!

Updates to this article will be marked as such and added to there appropriate section.

Screen – Samsung’s sales really took off when they separated themselves from Apple by moving to much larger screens, so expect the trend to    continue.  The rumor is that the phone  will come with an even larger screen then it predecessor,  a beautiful 4.99 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Camera – If there was one nit pick about the Samung Galaxy S3, it was that it only came with an 8 megapixel camera.  Look for Samsung to step it with a 13 megapixel camera with a feature called the Samsung Orb.  This new application will let users take “near 3D photos” and 360 panoramas.

Processor – The processor for the Galaxy S3 is the rumor that has the least consensus.  Samsung showed off their brand new 8 core Exynos Octa 5 processor at CES this year and that seems to be the dream scenario   Other reports say that this processor wont be ready in time to include in the Galaxy S4 and the Samsung will opt instead to go with the Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 600 or 800 SoC.  There is also the possibility that we could see two variations like we did with the Galaxy s3, a Snapdragon model with integrated LTE for the US market, and an Exynos-powered model for the rest of the world.


Storage and Memory -Throw in 2 GB of ram and a choice of either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of built in storage with and a removable sd card, and this phone will be a powerhouse with any processors they decide to go with.

Battery – As much as I would like to see it, the Galaxy S4 probably won’t pack the 3100 mAH battery that the Galaxy Note 2 has because consumers are obsessed with super slim phones.  A more likely choice is 2,600mAh, which is a still a step-up from the 2,100mAh packed in the Galaxy S III.

Software – Samsung had a nice marketing gimmick on the S3 with their designed by nature shtick.  I enjoyed the peaceful alarms, ringtones and the water drop sound effect.  They also added a bunch of innovative features like S-beam, Smart Stay, and motion gestures.  A lot of these felt more like tech demos then finished products, but they had some good ideas, and hopefully we will see upgrades to them that make them more functional.  The Galaxy S4 will run a TouchWiz version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Update 3/5/13 – Eye Scroll will be used for when you are reading on your Galaxy S4. When you get to the bottom of the material the page will automatically scroll down to the next part.

Design – Don’t look for much to change in the look and feel of the device.  It will still be the same plastic shell with removal battery that we are familiar with from the Galaxy S3.

UPDATE 3/1/13 The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to be released with 2 color options – Black or White

UPDATE 3/11/13 Images have surfaced on the web from a Chinese forum claiming that this is what the Galaxy S4 will look like.

As we draw closer and closer to the March 14th date, more and more new and rumors will leak out about this phone.  I will continue to update this article with the latest information to keep you up to date.  Also make sure to check back on the 15th as I will have a breakdown of all the S4′s features and we will even pit it against the HTC One to see how it stacks up.

Whats on your wish list for the Galaxy S4?  Is this the phone that you are most excited about or is there another phone that gets your juices flowing?  Let me know in the comments below.

The Ridiculously Easy Guide to Setting Up Google Plus Circles

Google Circles are wonderful.  Basically, they help you organize your friends and family in Google Plus so that you can easily and quickly get the information you want to share to just the right people.  For example, lets say you played fantasy sports.  You could setup a “fantasy sports” circle for your buddies in the league.  That way, when you wanted to share information about your fantasy league, you could do it without posting to your other friends who really could care less.
“That sounds great, but I’ve looked at Google Plus before and Circles are hard to figure out,” I can hear you saying.
Well, this just happens to be your lucky day.  I have created a step by step guide, complete with pictures and giant red arrows, to walk you through the process of setting up Circles.  It will get you on your way to enjoying the wonderful community that is Google Plus.  Let’s get started!

Google Plus account.  From the Home screen, click on the Find People icon in the bottom left hand corner.

You are now in the Suggestions screen.  This screen gives you suggestions for people you may be interested in following.  If you have a Gmail account, it will show you people from your contacts that have Google Plus accounts.  If you don’t have a Gmail account it will suggest popular Google Plussers.On the right hand side of the Suggestions page is a menu that will allow you to find friends from people in your Gmail Contacts, from places you’ve worked, schools you’ve attended, or from other email services.Clicking on Find Coworkers to allow you to enter in a company’s name.  It will generate a Suggestion screen populated with people that work for that company.Clicking Find Classmates will do the same as Find Coworkers, but the results will be people that went to the school you entered.Clicking Connect Services will allow you to connect to your Yahoo or Hotmail accounts.  You will need your username and password to get contact suggestions from those services.Clicking Gmail Contacts will allow you to add people from your Gmail account.  When you find someone you would like to add to one of your Circles, move your mouse over the Add button under their photo.  A drop down menu will appear.  Google has given you four default circles: Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following.  If the person you want to circle falls into one of those categories, simply click the empty box next to the option you want to select.That person is now added to that circle.If you don’t want to use the default circles, you can click on Create New Circle at the bottom of the drop down menu.  Then enter in any label you want to identify that circle.  When you click the blue Create button, the circle will be created and the person will be added to it.  That new circle will now appear in the drop down menu for future adds.If your Gmail contacts are not already on Google Plus they will appear under the heading “Invite these people to Google Plus”.


These people can still be added to a circle.  After you select the circle you want to place them in, Google Plus will send them an email asking if they want to join.  If they sign up, great!   If they don’t, they can still receive any posts you send to that circle.  Google will just send the post to them in an email.The next section to examine is the Your Circles screen.  This screen can be accessed from the top of any of the Find People screens.This section is used for organizing your Circles.  The screen is broken into 2 primary sections.  The top section is loaded with rectangles.  The first rectangle is an Add a New Person button.  Next, each rectangle shows the people that are in your circles.In the second section are actual circles.  The first circle allows you to create new circles.  The circles after that represent each of the circles you have created.  Clicking on one of those circles changes the top section from showing all the people in your circles to just the people in the circle you clicked on.Mousing over the Add a New Person rectangle in the top section brings up a drop down menu.  This menu can be used to find specific people to add to your circle who were not in your suggestions.  If the person has a Google Plus account, you can find them by typing in their name.  Otherwise, you can enter their email address and Google will send them an invite.  You can still assign these people to a circle, even though the don’t have Google Plus accounts.  When you share to that circle, Google will generate an email of your post to them.You can easily create a new circle from this screen.  Click on the circle in the second section the reads “Drop here to create a new circle“.In the Circle Name box enter in the name that you want the circle to have.  The Add a New Person button works the same way here as it did on the previous screen.  It will allow you to search for new people by name or email address to add to this circle.  Then, click on the Create Circle button at the bottom of the pop up box.You can also add multiple people to a circle at one time, if they are already in the top section of the Your Circle page.  If the people are next to each other, you can click and drag to highlight the ones you want.  If they aren’t next to each other, you can hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard, then click on the individual ones you want.Highlight the people you want.  Then,  click on one person and drag the group to the circle you want them in.

You can also add friends from any user icon on any page.  The example below shows the different user icons you could use on the Home screen.

Mouse over any one of the user icons.  Next,  mouse over the Add button in the pop up window.   Select the circle you want and the person is added to it.

That’s the basics for adding people to your circles.

Google Plus provides several ways to find and add people to your circles.  These are the methods that I use most often.  As you play around with Google Plus,  you will discover more.    Hopefully, this tutorial will help you get established on Google Plus.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Nicole and Joel launch The Richie

Los Angeles (December 3, 2015) – Hoping to turn the cameras from the glitter of celebrity to the all-too-real challenges of those in need, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden today hosted a surprise baby shower for dozens of disadvantaged mothers-to-be at the Los Angeles Free Clinic, marking the official launch of The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation (RMCF). With their first child due in January, the couple announced the Foundation during their own baby shower on November 18, where attendees were encouraged to give to the Foundation in lieu of gifts.

82831465Richie and Madden recently toured the Hollywood-based Free Clinic and were inspired by its mission and impact. “We’ve had opportunities and know that we’re very blessed,” said Madden. “With the launch of the Foundation and today’s event, we’re just trying to help out some other young couples, and the Los Angeles Free Clinic – which provides healthcare, pre-natal care and job opportunities for free – is the most amazing place I’ve ever seen.”

“We want our child to grow up with the value of sharing and to inspire generosity in others,” said Richie. “We hope our access to the media will help us change focus from the trivialities of our lives to more meaningful issues.”
For the Foundation’s maiden event, 100 “Mom-to-Be” kits were created for expectant mothers in attendance. They consisted of such new products as cribs, monitors, strollers, blankets, bottles, high chairs, tubs, diapers, diaper bags, creams, bouncers, baby carriers/slings, car seats, apparel, books, organic cleaning products and more. Over $150,000 in gift items were donated by event sponsor BabyCenter™ and other sponsors including Aden + Anais, Baby Bjorn, Baby2Baby, Bella B Natural Bodycare, Bon Bebe, Boppy, BurpCatcher, Dorel Juvenile Group USA, Fisher-Price, FunTastic Media, Graco, Happy Baby Video, Jakebaby, JC Penney, Kee-Ka, Kiddopotamus, LA Diaper Drive, Mini Boden, Nature’s, Baby Organics, Nature’s Baby Organics,, Oopa Baby, Sandra Magsamen, Shaklee, Simmons Kids, The Bumble Collection, Ubi Baby and Wilshire Limousine.

The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation is dedicated to bringing meaningful opportunities to children in all corners of the globe, while also striving to bring light and laughter into their lives through unique entertainment and special events. The Foundation, which will create and will seek support through corporate philanthropy and other fundraising efforts. While providing direct assistance to those in need, its broader mission is to raise awareness of systemic issues such as health care, nutrition and education as they impact disadvantaged children and families in the U.S. and worldwide.

The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation was established as a donor-advised fund under the umbrella of the Tides Foundation.